Business Plan

A Business Plan is critical to every new and established business. Its purpose is to clearly identify and coordinate business opportunities. It gives us the power to communicate a business idea in a well-researched and organized format. Other key players who are unfamiliar with the project (bankers, investors, landlords, key staff, co-packers) can quickly use the Business Plan to come up to speed and define their roles in implementing the Plan.

Hartley offers clients relevant and purposeful Business Plans that are well-researched and easy to navigate. Hartley provide strategic marketing and solid professional financial analysis, and assures that all bases have been effectively covered. The reader gains confidence as she or he is brought through levels of detail until all their questions are answered. The psychology is one in which the reader feels that all the “risks” have been calculated and that the client can successfully implement the idea.

A good Business Plan details your vision and mission, your opportunity, concept, and target markets, the industry you are entering into, product descriptions, production and packaging information, distribution and sales planning, competitive analysis, a marketing plan, and a risk analysis. The financial section specifies the start-up budget, funding requirements, revenue model, and profit and loss projections by month for the first three years of the project. The Business Plan is suitable for financing purposes and serves as a blueprint for the implementation of your project.

To craft your Business Plan we’ll begin with a detailed review involving key people in your organization, using professional analytical techniques and tools. From there, we’ll set measurable and achievable strategic goals and describe a clear business model. We’ll then translate this into the financial projection. We’ll take care to set up projections that not only satisfy strict banking & financing criteria but also establish the metrics that will be used to measure the progress of the Plan once it’s implemented.

The key ingredient that sells an investor to put money into a project is a passionate entrepreneur who can articulate their business idea professionally. Your Business Plan will provide you the credibility to express your business idea clearly and effectively to your partners and investors.