Hartley Berg

Business Planning & Brand Management

.... Leading the Natural Products Industry ....

Hello! My name is Hartley Berg.

I am very proud to represent some of the best brands within the natural and health products industry, managing multiple product categories, such as; fresh and packaged natural and organic plant-based foods, nutrient-dense foods, herbal medicines, vitamins and supplements, specialty and premium products for over 25 years.

Today, my services remain focused on result-oriented Sales, Marketing, Brand and Business Management services to entrepreneurs, manufacturers, distributors, brokers and retailers.

After more than 25 years, I remain encouraged and inspired by the continued evolution in consumer awareness and industry growth. I am strongly motivated by the success of my clients and the continued development of building strong relationships throughout the natural products industry. I welcome you to contact me direclty to discuss your business, sales and marketing develpment plans and goals.