• To meet and exceed the needs and expectations of all clients
  • To create partnering relationships while maintaining value and ethical business practices in all dealings
  • To provide clients with a clear and achievable path to sustainable, long-term profitability and growth
  • To support the wide spread use of certified and transitional organics, Fair Trade, GMO-free, and biodegradable packaging and cruelty-free products
  • To encourage informed purchasing choices and to demonstrate how they impact our health and the health of the planet
  • To actively participate in the education and promotion of nutrient-based and ethically sourced products to people domestically and around the world
  • To incorporate socially responsible initiatives that protect the environment and foster stewardship of the land
  • To support a culture of wellness and social responsibility

As for me, I put my faith in good top soil and big trees and clean running streams and mutually supportive communities and honest work that provide what people really need.

– Donella Meadows, early environmentalist visionary