Greenwood Garden Goodies

Services: Business Planning and Consulting

Green Garden Goodies Ltd. has been a family-based business that has grown organically over the past several years based in the heart of British Columbia’s southern Interior, West Boundary region. From the outset the business set out to efficiently connect local people directly to local organic food with a small environmental impact. They specialize in year-round production and distribution of Microgreens. Also, vegetables, dried herbal spices, and teas. Additional products include seasonal local fruits, mixed greens, potatoes, leeks, pickles, and preserves.

The intention for creating this Business Plan was to develop strategic marketing and professional financial analysis to communicate a detailed understanding of the best strategies for the development and growth of the business. The plan details Greenwood Garden’s vision and mission, opportunity, concept and target markets, the industry intended to enter into, product descriptions, production and packaging, distribution and sales, competitive analysis, a marketing plan, and risk analysis. The primary purpose of this document is to critically go through a formal business planning process and chart an optimum short and long-term course for the enterprise in order to optimize returns for its stakeholders.