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Mary Marino is a mother, wife, and proud co-founder/owner of La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces. Mary’s passion for experimenting with exciting new flavours is what stirred her desire to start her own sauce company. Her years of hard work are starting to pay off as the company is now very popular thanks to its great selection of health-conscious savoury sauces. With products in over 200 retail stores across the country, it’s obvious that the Sauce Queens are doing more than a few things right. In fact, they’ve been so successful nationally, the business is now expanding globally.

Jo Anne Elsbury is another proud co-founder and co-owner of La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces. A proud mom with a very busy schedule, she somehow found the time to create a line of delicious sauces with her partners the Sauce Queens! Jo Anne is a firm believer in following passions, and it has allowed her to help turn La Dee Da into the success story it is today. Immersing herself in the food industry has at times taken Jo Anne out of her comfort zone, but the rewards of being co-owner of an incredible company she’s excited about on a daily basis makes it all worth it.

Born and raised in Niagara Falls and now residing in Hamilton Ontario, Marlow Italiano is also a co-owner of La Dee Da Sauces. Marlow’s love for healthy eating without sacrificing flavour was reignited when she noticed her friend Mary’s company, La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces on Facebook. She met with Mary, who introduced her to Jo Anne and shortly afterwards joined the team. With a strong sales background, Marlow is incredibly proud to work with such a positive group of people and making sauces that aren’t just delicious, but healthy and nutritious as well.

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