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Pure, carbonated, and refreshing, KEFIRKULT Water Kefir is the premium of all kefir drinks in 493ml Glass Bottle. 4 flavours SKUs are Cherry, Guava, Peach, and Lemon. Delicious probiotics drink and yogurt that promote optimal gut health.

Rich, creamy, and effervescent, KEFIRKULT Coconut Kefir is the premium of all kefir yogurt. Its wholesome and satisfying taste is unlike anything you have ever had. Each bottle is made with the purest coconut milk fermented with real kefir cultures. 60% Coconut Milk Extract, Water, Live Kefir Grains = a probiotic count of 1 Trillion CFU/ml. This is a great coconutty, vegan alternative to Yogurt!

Fermented, vegan, organic, non-GMO, healthy, Canadian. Small batch production since 2014.

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