Services: Business Plan

You do not want to pass on an opportunity to have Hartley Berg work with you and your business. Displaying an undeniable wealth of knowledge, Hartley has designed a solid Business Plan for Swheatgrass Organics. His professional and caring nature along with his passion for the health and wellness industry made for a prefect fit in our business. We are truly grateful for the renewed confidence to keep expanding and now feel well positioned to keep moving forward. Simply put, Hartley Berg works for your success.

— Liane Kaltiainen, Owner of Swheatgrass Organics

Swheatgrass offers today’s health-conscious consumer a highly innovative, safe, and convenient way to consume fresh/frozen, organic, sweet wheatgrass juice.
Cubes are sold in a convenient single-serve and individually wrapped ice cube style format. A consumer simply puts one, two, or more frozen Swheatgrass Cubes™ into their water or beverage to enjoy the many health benefits associated with pure organic wheatgrass.

Swheatgrass Cubes™ are flash-frozen in minutes using a proprietary freezing technique that locks in the nutrients and makes taking wheatgrass as easy as opening the freezer door.