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PRESS RELEASE Published: December 1, 2009

A Lifestyle, Resource and Business Guide for Every Community across British Columbia, Canada Community Canada has now launched the first provincial website for British Columbia, located at – representing over 50,000 community-based businesses in over 270 relevant subject categories, specifically designed to support the growing needs of adults and their care-providers living in British Columbia

Canadian adults over fifty make up for about one-third of all consumers spending. This enormous shift in the purchasing power has significant implications for businesses and retail sectors in British Columbia and throughout Canada. Just about every business and industry today is being transformed by the aging consumer market. Influenced by their tech-savvy children, today’s parents (and grandparents) are situated in a unique frontier, and by sheer numbers will continue to set new trends in each phase of their lives. Mature adults of this generation are the largest and most dynamic segment of BC’s (and Canada’s) population, and significantly influence society’s trends and marketplace. Today’s adults over fifty can look forward to longer, healthier lives unlike any other similar age group in history. Many are still active in the workforce, starting new businesses and learning new skills. And with British Columbia being the preferred location for ideal retirement living, this website resource and guide provides a much need service.

Community Canada came about due to the growing needs and unique challenges faced by many of today’s adult care-providers; the sons and daughters, friends, neighbours and business community. This website is provide as a free resource and guide for those who are planning or living their retirement years and for those who are providing care and support to adults in need.

Viewers of this website can now freely access this extensive business guide database as well as many professionally written articles that inform and inspire readers. The business guide and article subject categories cover topics like Retirement, Recreation & Fitness, Travel & Tourism, Housing & Senior Care, Arts & Culture, Outdoor Activities, Health Care & Wellness, Community Resources, Medical Care & Equipment, Estate and Finance Planning along with others. All articles will invite reader commentary, so viewers can share their own insights, questions and relevant personal experiences.

Community Canada will soon be introducing their new interactive features, which will host community forums in every city and town across British Columbia. Here, people can access this virtual meeting place to connect with family, friends, neighbours, professionals and other like-mined people within their own community or within any community across British Columbia.

Businesses are invited to advertise in this website at virtually no cost. This offer has made it possible to provide viewers one of the most comprehensive listings of businesses throughout British Columbia. An option to upgrade to a Premium business listing is available, which has been priced affordably at $89.00 for a full year. All current business listings are required to register each year, thus ensuring that listings are kept current and accurate.

The Premium listing provides significant additional features and benefits over the free Basic listing, including prime positioning and access an administration “dashboard” for easy editing of listing content for total creative flexibility. The Premium listing effectively showcases businesses products and services through a host of advanced marketing and promotional listing features.

Businesses are adjusting to meet the needs of adults over fifty. Community Canada is now offering viewers and businesses throughout British Columbia the most powerful and interactive promotional medium available today. This website provides tremendous marketing value, allowing businesses to further build-out their online marketing presence.

About Community Canada. Community Canada is Canada’s first and only comprehensive community-based and provincially wide resource and business guide website for adults planning or living their retirement years in British Columbia. In addition, they provide a much needed support resource for adult care-providers and for the businesses that provide needed products and services to the viewers of this website.

Over the past 3 years Hartley Berg , visionary and founders of Community Canada has been building this website model ready for Canada-wide expansion. Franchises are now being made available for currently available provincial websites.

Community Canada is redefining retirement and what it means to live well in British Columbia and across Canada.

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