Noah’s Natural Foods

Services: Business Plan and setting up Noah's new juice bar café which included Canada’s first hydraulically-pressed fresh juices. All the prepared foods for the cafe were vegetarian based and made with organic ingredients

Hartley Berg has worked as my Store Manager for over five years. During this time, Hartley has excelled in all areas of business management, including marketing and financial systems and analysis. The results of his efforts are reflected in: the increase of year-over-year sales within virtually all product categories; positive customer, staff and supplier relations, and ensuring a consistently smooth-running overall store operation.

Hartley created and implemented a comprehensive Policy and Procedure staff training manual. This has enhanced employee productivity and customer service quality.

Hartley developed an on-going consumer product demonstrating program, utilizing extensive support from many of our suppliers, which effectively built product and brand awareness – leading to customer appreciation and impressive sales growth.

Further, Hartley provided assistance in the opening of our second Noah’s store, where he created and managed Toronto/Canada’s first commercial hydraulically-pressed juice bar and vegetarian café… which became a leading source of revenues for this new store.

In summary, Hartley has consistently demonstrated strong work ethics, every day, and displays creative and effective management skills. His loyalty to my company and to the natural products industry has been truly inspiring. I extend my thanks and gratitude to have had Hartley Berg as my Manager in charge of my operations.

Dave Titcher, President
Noah’s Natural Foods
322 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario