Product Development

Demand for new product innovations is increasing and will only continue to grow. Consumers’ growing interest in the healthfulness of foods they consume, and their unwillingness to compromise on taste or convenience, are creating massive new development opportunities for all product categories.

Today’s buyers are on the lookout for innovative products that build their category sales. Hartley will research and audit your product idea to advance your product concept. He will help you create a viable approach to achieving long-term marketable products. Hartley will utilize professional food-science applications to customize and commercialize large-scale production methodologies.

The natural products industry is weight-driven. Margins can vary greatly with fractions of gram weight. Therefore the primary focus in developing product formulation is optimizing production yields and efficiencies.

Hartley will assist you with:

  • Product idea review to assess potential marketability
  • Commercial recipe and production formulation
  • Reformulation & quality improvements
  • Audits, ingredient declaration
  • Nutritional label
  • Health claims and NPN
  • Shelf-life testing
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Equipment sourcing
  • Co-packer/manufacturer sourcing