Juice Boosters

Services: Business Plan, brand, product and packaging creation - researched innovative processes and technologies

Juice Boosters was a research project to identify and qualify the marketability for innovative, non-pasteurized, frozen, and shelf-stable pure juices, available in single-serving portions.

The goal for the fresh/frozen juice cube was to provide non-pasteurized, frozen hydraulically-pressed pure juices, sold as a blended formulations, for health-related issues and cleansing, as well as stand-along juices such as broccoli, kale, beet, radish, watercress, wheatgrass, watermelon, grasses, and many others.

The goal for the shelf-stable juice was to apply High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology in the development of a new non-thermal juice processing method. Compared to traditional heat pasteurization, which results in degradation of heat-labile nutrients, the HPP method will retain the levels of the conventional nutrients and phytonutrients found in fresh-squeezed juices, while producing a shelf-stable product with a shelf-life comparable to conventional juices.

Cranberry Juice Boosters

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Juice Boosters – Raw Juice Project

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