For Brand Management Support: Contact Hartley Berg

Vendor Website: Inner-J ~ Distributor: Summit Specialty Foods

Hartley Berg has been our exclusive Western Canadian Brand Manager. He has been instrumental in setting up our distribution channels and securing new product introductions and launches into both the traditional mass grocery chains as well as natural food retailers. Hartley is both enthusiastic and focused on achieving results. His experience and skills in brand-management is a tremendous value for our business.

Inner J™ offer two unique Superfood bars, produced in Canada;

NAGI Raw Organic Bars™ is a truly delicious and unique raw, organic natural energy bar. These low-calorie bars are protein and fiber-packed and contain no refined sugars or artificial ingredients or preservatives of any kind. They consist of raw and organic ingredients and have a moist and chewy texture. The NAGI Raw Organic bars are the only organic, high protein that caters to vegans, as well as those with sensitivities to gluten, soy and dairy!

SuperKrisps™ is the newest creation of a line of crispy Inner-J bars: crunchy super-seed snack bar, low-calorie and low sugar bars that are vegan, gluten, peanut, nut and soy-free, 100% non-GMO and Kosher. They contain a variety of Superfoods with no refined sugars or artificial ingredients.

NAGI Raw Organic

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Super Krisps

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